Capital Business Development Associates   (CB-DA) is a multi-faceted business development firm whose team of subject matter experts operate globally.

CB-DA’s expertise, contacts, and mutual trust enable clients to quickly and cost effectively accomplish investment goals.  CB-DA is committed to delivering quality support to clients in a range of functional areas.  CB-DA focuses on increasing its clients’ capabilities with a versatile approach that includes strategic business planning, market assessment, resourcing strategy, grant application and traditional business development that supports clients’ goals.


Through associations within most states and the federal government,  CB-DA’s team of subject matter experts navigate their clients through the complex government procurement processes essential to successfully support requirements.

Success is measurable for CB-DA clients. Our company is committed to defining a value proposition for each client that achieves increases to top-line numbers, generates cost avoidance and reduces time invested in opportunity assessment.

At Capital Business Development Associates, we believe there are many individual pieces that compose overall success for our clients. The following services are provided to our clients:

•Develop Tailored Business Development Plan

•Pursue Research & Development and other Grant Funding

•Identify Government Advocates for Products/Capabilities

•Develop Legislative/Government Contact Plan

•Facilitate Teaming Strategy to Gain Access to GSA/Government Contracts

•Identify Potential Teaming Partners

•Collaborate on Conferences, Exercises and Trade Shows

    We focus on the success of our clients, delivering timely, quality products and services that meet or exceed client requirements at a competitive price. Our clients rely on us to build and deliver practical, timely, and best-value solutions supporting their business development goals. We are committed to their success.

DUNS: 82-848-4407 CAGE/NCAGE: 59UJ6

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